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Up Close and Personal Tour of the Diabolical Ram 1500 TRX

As an automotive enthusiast, it’s really a great time to be alive.

Every last way that we look, it seems like every manufacturer is taking a step forward in one direction or another. Naturally, here at Speed Society, we always have our eye on what steps are being taken forward in the performance industry.

Luckily for us, it seems as if performance trucks are back in a big way. Much like the horsepower battles that we saw with muscle cars of old, trucks seem to be hopping into a similar competition. Not too long ago, we saw the 702 hp supercharged RAM 1500 TRX show its face for the first time. This was followed up by a leak telling us that the upcoming Ford Raptor would share the supercharged V8 from the Shelby GT500, creating a projected 750 hp or so.

As of now, both of these machines are still over the horizon. They have been announced and started taking orders but it feels like forever between now and when we will actually get to see them later on this year, at least in the case of the RAM. Until then, I guess that information floating around on the internet will just have to tide us over until the actual release comes to life.

This time, we get to check in with some footage of this truck that really gets us in tune with the offering. The machine provides an awesome mix of being able to perform at a high level off of the beaten path and the creature comforts that will keep passengers comfortable on their daily commute. Where technology meets performance capability, we find that the 1500 TRX shows us that it’s a great time to be alive as a performance truck enthusiast. It’s pretty hard not to fall in love with this monster of a machine!