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Diabolical Creation Pairs Supercharged LT4 With Blacked Out ’69 Camaro

There’s something special about an old school car with new school power. The concept can really pop off of the canvas with a well-executed build. Combine this with the sinister look of a 1969 Camaro and you definitely have yourself a combination that’s going to turn a couple of heads. After all, the first-generation Camaro is practically the definition of what a muscle car is all about. Bringing that concept in the modern era is sure to create an interesting conversation piece that’ll get the adrenaline pumping as well.

This time, thanks to the AutotopiaLA YouTube channel, we get to see just that phenomenon come to life. Clad in a whole lot of black, this Camaro is looking rather sinister. However, when the hood is popped, the car becomes even more aggressive.

Under the hood, we find a power plant pulled straight from the likes of a C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 or one of its siblings. Naturally, the LT4 engine comes with a supercharger straight out of the box. However, this time, the factory supercharger has been forgone in favor of a TVS2650. According to the car’s owner, the unit allows the machine to operate at stock boost while making as much power at the wheels as the factory supercharger produces at the crank.

Follow that up with a manually shifted T56 Magnum and 3-inch driveshaft back to a 9-inch rear end and it’s bound to be a great time. Not only is this car making some decent power for an everyday cruiser. It’s also built to be beaten on. Laying into the throttle delivers a streetable package with a little bit of punch, all without having to worry about breaking anything.

At the end of the day, we know that everybody comes to the table with their own taste. All of these different ideas are what make the car community a great place to thrive. However, we would also argue that if this car doesn’t do anything for you, we would probably recommend checking out your pulse.

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