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Diesel Truck Rescues Stuck RV, Covers Windshield In Mud

Sometimes, when things get a little bit muddy, vehicles can tend to get stuck. With the soft surface, it can be easy for these heavy masses to sink down and if you don’t have the proper setup to get unstuck, well, you’re waiting for something that does have the proper setup to come along and rescue your vehicle from its new muddy abode. At times, if you can’t find a good Samaritain to come by who is willing to help, something like this can get rather expensive as towing rescue machines aren’t coming out from the goodness of their hearts but instead are looking to get compensated for their labor and the investment that they’ve put into their machines.

This time, for this RV owner who looks to have gotten nice and stuck, it does look like he’s fortunate enough to have had someone who was willing to help stop by with a setup that’s ready to go above and beyond in order to help out this heavyweight to get unstuck from its current resting place. The Cummins powered Dodge Ram looks like it’s nice and stout, built just for occasions like this as it digs down deep and grabs every last bit of torque that it can find within itself to pull the behemoth that it’s strapped to out of its precarious spot.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to join in on the rescue effort for yourself, watching in suspense as the truck attempts to do what almost doesn’t seem to be possible, yanking this massive machine from the mud. There’s something about watching a truck making the most of its utility that you can’t help but be attracted to as it really shows exactly what it is that makes up the fiber of its being!