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Diesel Trucks Drag Race While Pulling Trailers

When it comes to diesel trucks, there are a lot of different criteria for a buyer to consider. For those looking to get behind the wheel of one, perhaps the appeal is in the pulling ability. After all, this is the main factor that separates a diesel-powered truck from a gasoline-powered truck. Traditionally, the diesel-powered counterparts provide more torque and that means more towing ability. In turn, it also seems that diesel-powered trucks have more untapped potential on the performance side as well.

Now, we’re sure that there aren’t too many people who are going to get into a drag race with a trailer onboard. However, that doesn’t stop XDP from putting on a challenge surrounding that concept. At that 2019 Diesel Power Challenge, we get to see what trucks can do with such a trailer on the back. As they all pull the same load down the drag strip, the collection of trucks is put to the test.

The goal is simple. It’s basically like a traditional drag race. The only difference here is the trailer with a skid steer on the back. This could be a heck of a challenge. Not only does the extra weight slow down the trucks. It slaps them with an extra strain on the driveline components as well. As if launching these heavy-duty torque monsters wasn’t enough weight, that added stress could end up being quite difficult to cope with.

By following along with the video below, we get to see quite a unique challenge. It’s rather interesting to see how quickly these trucks can manage to scoot through the eighth-mile as they pull along a piece of light-duty equipment. This challenge is anything but traditional. I think that that’s why we had our eyes glued to the screen to see what was going to happen next. – MotorTrend Channel.