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These Diesel Trucks Will Slay Your Prius!

If you’re looking for power, a diesel engine might be a way to go and, as such, lots of folks choose to buy a diesel pickup truck when they’re looking for a machine to fit their needs. These diesel trucks can be used to fit a variety of needs whether that be pulling a heavy load, racing, or simply daily driving. There seems to be no limits to the way that people can interact with modern diesel technology. This time, we take a minute to check out some of what this diesel enthusiast saw to be some of the best diesel action of Instagram!

In this one, we catch trucks doing all kinds of awesome things from burnouts on top of cars to racing and even your occasional cold start which sounds way too good to pass up! For truck fanatics, seeing these things in action is way too good to pass up, make no bones about it. There’s just something about the raw power of a diesel truck that has attracted so many fans across the past decade and has made these trucks blow up to a level that nobody ever saw coming, especially when you look at how difficult old school trucks were to operate.

Follow along with the video below that showcases these trucks doing all kinds of amazing things and be sure to tell us what you think of the action. Not everybody is going to fall in love with diesels, but we think that, in the compilation video that we’re featuring here, there’s a little something for everybody so that every gear headed person can find something that appeals to them! After checking it out for yourself, be sure to tell us which one of these coal rolling clips you find to be your favorite of the group.

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