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How Ford Truck Owners Go Off-Roading, Mega Fail!

Ford Truck Off-Road Mega Fail

When it comes to building a truck to make the off-road journey a little bit easier, you’re obviously going to want to push the truck and see exactly what it can do.

When one thing turns into another, you end up pushing the truck just a little bit too far in the name of impressing your friends or maybe just proving a little something to yourself.

When this Ford pickup truck was pushed too far, somebody was right there with a video camera at the ready to capture the fail to be immortalized by the Internet.

Check out this Ford below as it makes it over the peak of a hill and ends up making gravity its enemy as it falls to the ground with the loud thud. We’re not sure what part was more entertaining, the main topic of the video or that devilish laugh coming from behind the camera.