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Dirt Bike Drifting is a Motorsport that We Can’t Get Enough of, The “Titans of Dirt” Rock Out

When comes to racing, obviously, there are all sorts of different ways that you can get your kicks. While some people prefer straight up drag racing, others might get their adrenaline rush from drifting or zipping around turns in some sort of autocross event, however, with a form of racing like this, you can’t help but keep your eyes glued to the action because it’s really so intense that you just want to hop in there and start screaming for your favorite competitor and if you didn’t start out with one to root for… give it a second.

In this one, it looks a lot like a drifting competition but instead of cars on four wheels, we’re looking at none other than modified dirt bikes that are built to slide. These “Titans of the Dirt” go at each other’s neck’s, trying their hardest to make the way to the finish line first but with each and every turn, it looks like someone else is going to win the competition that will have you on edge. The back-and-forth really makes it all that much more interesting as these guys really push the limits on what you can accomplish on two wheels. It looks like they’re going to lose it at any moment but somehow stay in it to win it!

If you follow along down in the video below, we get the feeling that your adrenaline will start pumping a little bit harder as these guys really put on a show. Before long, you might just find yourself rooting for one of these riders out there throwing down in the dirt and wondering when the next event is. It’s really hard to get a rush like that but we’re certainly glad that we stumbled upon this video because what you see here is almost unbelievable!