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Disabled Car on Blind Corner Causes Terrifying, Massive Pileup at Nürburgring

If talking about the most popular tracks in the world, there’s no way that you could possibly make a list like this and leave out the Nürburgring. The track is definitely one of the most popular in the entire world and has even become the benchmark of performance for pretty much every automaker that exists. Basically, brands take their cars there to clash, head-to-head, coming up with the lowest possible time to help push sales and simply claim bragging rights over the competition that couldn’t hang around this course that offers a variety of turns, grades, and straights which make it second to none in the eyes of many.

However, that isn’t to say that you won’t see other vehicles there as well as pretty much anybody has access to the track, not just the pros. This time, we see what happens when things just so happen to get a little bit intense during a session at the ring.

Now, obviously, as you can see here, a good amount of traffic can gather up on the racing surface as many are lapping it simultaneously. Therefore, with all of the blind corners that you’ll find, a simple incident could lead to more as coming around a corner at a high rate of speed and suddenly finding a stopped car could really throw a wrench in the gears of an attempt to get around with your quickest time possible. That’s exactly what happened this time and one good Samaritan attempted to stop it all but didn’t really have much luck in the venture as terror hit the ring.

In this one, we tune in to watch as what appears to be about a worst-case scenario unfolds when such a disabled vehicle wreaks absolute havoc on the traffic at the track, making speeding cars lock up their brakes and skid into one another, almost as if we’re watching a scene on a highway covered with black ice. We have to applaud this guy for hopping out of his race car and trying to do all that he could to frantically make sure that everybody else would be alright, however, it just so turned out that he would come up a little bit short. Watching this is a little bit terrifying, to say the least, and is really a situation that we wouldn’t even wish on our worst enemies.

As you can see, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cars were lost and, more importantly to note here, the Bridge to Gantry reports that two drivers were injured and lifted by helicopter to the local hospital, one of which had to be cut from an Audi. None of the others involved were seriously hurt. We’re hoping for a speedy recovery for both. Furthermore, drivers contest that there was no flag marshal nor yellow lights to keep them safe, reports say.