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Disney just dropped the teaser trailer for Cars 3 and It looks amazing!

Disney’s Cars franchise is arguably the most successful car-related movie franchise of all time, attracting throngs of fans and making Disney and Pixar dump trucks full of money. Despite being an animated series obviously geared toward the youngest among us, its tongue-in-cheek humor and excellent writing meant moms and dads actually enjoyed the movies as well instead of suffering through them.

The trailer for the third installment in the series was released today, and it has taken the internet by storm, having already racked up almost 100,000 views on YouTube at the time of this writing and countless more views on other platforms. It looks like the suits at Disney listened to the fans, who were less enthusiastic about the direction Cars 2 took and are returning to the roots planted by the original film, focusing more on the on-track action and less on the Fast and Furious-ish feel of the sequel. While the teaser is just that, teasing the fans about what’s to come, it does look like our hero – the lovably arrogant Lightning McQueen – may be facing a struggle of a new kind.

We’d be lying if we said the excitement in the Speed Society office didn’t ramp up this morning when this video started making the rounds. Maybe we are all just big kids at heart!