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Making A Custom RC Jet Engine From Scratch With 25LB Of Thrust When Fired Up!

For those who haven’t really seen much from the remote control vehicle community, we would recommend getting lost on YouTube for a couple of hours. There are all sorts of amazing creations that come from this side of creativity. Remote control vehicle enthusiasts not only go out there and try to achieve the insanity by doing things like setting speed records. They also create some amazing contraptions that do a great job of imitating full-scale reality.

We get it. Re-creating reality doesn’t sound like all that interesting of a concept on the surface. However, when we’re able to check out these scaled-down creations, we can’t help but want to learn more. This time, we dig into the perfect example of just that phenomenon that really demands the attention of those who enjoy all things mechanical.

In this one, we take the opportunity to dive into none other than a remote control jet engine. The creator featured this time that goes by JohnnyQ90 on YouTube has been behind some builds like this before. Because this isn’t his first rodeo, it seems as if he’s been able to take some of the knowledge from past builds and improve it into something that’s pretty amazing.

By tuning in with the video below, Johnny takes us through the process. From the first scaled jet engine that he’s ever made all the way up to his latest, we get to watch the new product come to life. After showing us exactly what kind of attention to detail needs to be paid in order to make something like this become a reality, we get to see the moment of truth.

That’s right. At the end of all of the hard work, we watch as the engine is fired up and put it to the test. Now we can’t wait to see it in action!