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DIY Video Takes us Through Making a Table Out of an Engine Block

Sometimes, when scrolling through the pages of the internet, we find things that really pique our interest. There are certain folks out there who really have some talent and vision. These folks can look at something that doesn’t really seem to have much value. To you or I, a rusty old engine block might be scrap. However, in their heads, they see a finished product after lots of creative thinking and hard work. When they finally unveil their end product, it’s something to be admired!

This time, the goal at hand is none other than creating an engine block table. This is something that we’ve seen several times scrolling through the old Facebook news feed. However, we’ve yet to spot exactly what it takes to put one of these things together. They do end up being pretty expensive, after all. Therefore, it would lead us to think that there’s actually some pretty hard work that goes into making a nice table like this come to life.

Naturally, when seeing a table like this, it could be easy to slip into the idea that it comes together simply. After all, it kind of looks like some paint is slapped on a block and a piece of glass is placed on the top. However, the real-world example of putting one of these together shows that it’s a lot more than just that. There is machining involved as well as some other key engineering.

By following along with the video below, we are able to dive inside exactly how a project like this comes together. After seeing something like this, we gather a bit more of an appreciation for the finished product. It also sheds a little bit of light on why exactly some of these tables can end up being so darn expensive.

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