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This DIY Mini Subwoofer For an R/C Car is Incredibly Trick!

In the world of remote control, things can be incredibly detail-oriented. Our minds are blown when we look at some of the more creative touches. While some creations are based around fantasy, others live in the world of replicating reality. At first, this might not sound so interesting. However, when see how certain components are shrunken down, we can’t help be intrigued.

This doesn’t just cover common components like seats and exterior panels. Instead, those who really get into the hobby will replicate just about every part of real life. In this particular demonstration, we get to see just that concept come into frame. Instead of simply concocting a remote control vehicle and letting it rip, this particular RC is going to have a killer sound system on board.

With this DIY, we follow along, step-by-step, as a custom miniature subwoofer is created for a remote control car. It’s pretty intense to watch as the pieces are cut and fabricated together in order to create our finished picture here. From the pieces of wood to the carpet covering the box, this is almost exactly how a real-life subwoofer box would come together. The miniature box even has a hole to vent the pressure from the vibrations of the speaker.

When all is said and done, we have a shrunken down piece that really reminds us of the real thing. It’s going to be pretty interesting to see how this thing looks when it’s set up in a remote control vehicle. Whatever ride is graced by the miniature sub is going to definitely stand out.

After watching this, we can’t help but wonder what they’ll think up next. We would love to see this creator replicate the rest of the sound system as well. Imagine a shrunken but functional head unit.

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