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Four-Year-Old Rides A Miniature Ducati Better Than Most Adults

At four-years-old, most youngsters are still getting together their basic motor skills, learning how to run and maybe even picking up a sport as they begin to attempt to get their hand-eye coordination together at the young age to set the pace for the rest of their life. It’s not necessarily an age where you’d expect a kid to be conquering the more complex maneuvers that you’ll eventually pick up as you get older.

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This time, though, we check out a four-year-old, though, that seems to be miles ahead of the rest of the kids his age. Tima Kuleshov is a four-year-old that definitely leaves convention behind as he takes on a difficult task in riding a selection of pocket bikes that allow him to really get out there and feel some power but just riding them isn’t where the action stops.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You probably have this thought in your head about how these bikes are incredibly turned down and don’t make very much power. While you might be right when comparing it to some of the other machines out there, these things are still pretty potent for such a young kid. We’re told that his fastest bike even can get its way up to 45 mph. Many people have never been in something other than a car that’s capable of those speeds!

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Ride along with the youngster that started out riding a bicycle at two years old and eventually worked his way up to a motorbike a couple of months later and has been perfecting it ever since. Check out the video below that shows you exactly where he ended up about a year and a half or so later. At such a young age, you would probably think that this kid is going to have quite a bright future ahead of him in the world motorsports.