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DMV vehicle odometer fraud is a real thing, a full Investigation into this world

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on September 4, 2016

Imagine somebody telling you that they could make your car magically be worth thousands more than it currently is, but it would be pretty illegal should you decide to sell the car, would you do it?

Well, for the folks caught in this hidden camera sting orchestrated by CBS News in Los Angeles, the answer to that question was, unfortunately, a resounding “yes.”

You may have been under the impression that since the retirement of mechanical odometers, the scam of rolling back odometers was done for, but six months worth of investigation on this suspected criminal says otherwise.

For prices around $200, this guy rolled back tons of odometers and raked in the cash, all while skating right under the radar, or so he thought! Hundreds of used cars from leases to trade-ins were brought in to have their mileage “fixed.”

Check out the video below that details the scam. The scariest part about this is that scammers are able to jump in and out without a trace through software that we all thought was fool proof.


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