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Do Spark Plugs Matter? Testing Different Brands to Break Down the Results

When we take a look at a combination that is working just right, there are a lot of factors that go into that equation. For an internal combustion engine, there are three main building blocks. In order to have the best working engine, optimizing fuel, air, and spark delivery is the way to get there.

So, let’s talk about spark

When analyzing something like a spark plug, there are definitely a lot of variables that come into play. Obviously, the proper spark plug is going to be highly dependent upon the particular application. A more modified engine is going to need a different plug than something that is closer to factory spec.

However, even with factory engines, picking out the right plug can definitely lead to better performance. Just like any other job, there is a proper and improper tool. If the goal at hand is to pick between a couple of similarly priced plugs, perhaps making the right decision here could stand to make a more efficient engine.

This time, we follow along with yet another comparison video from the Project Farm YouTube channel. The goal here is to figure out which spark plug is the best when it comes to fuel efficiency and horsepower. Could one plug provide a sizable difference over the next when it comes to making the most of what an engine is delivering?

By following along with the video below, we get to join in as a variety of plugs are put to the test. It seems as if the main goal here is to determine if there is actually a difference to consider. In most applications, there’s probably going to need to be more research done before actually picking out the proper candidate.

Could a different brand really make a difference here, though?