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This Is What It Looks Like When a Car Guy Wins The Lottery!

It’s highly unlikely that any two gearheads would pick the same way to spend their money if they hit the lottery, but this video is a pretty good representation of what any of us might purchase if we were to choose the winning numbers.

My personal choice of rides would be fairly similar to this setup, which features a slammed GMC Denali Dually pickup rolling on massive polished wheels pulling a three car hauler. Perched atop the trailer is a beautiful silver first gen Camaro that’s tastefully lowered and sitting on custom staggered wheels. Behind the F-Body, a 1955 Chevrolet sports a factory-style two tone paint job and rides on a good looking set of billet wheels. Hanging off the back of the hauler is what I believe to be a 1963 Impala, though I’m not 100% certain about the year, also wearing a two-tone coat of paint and riding on a great looking set of billet rims.

So tell us, Speed Society fans, what would your choice of hauler and three cars be???