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Dodge Brings Back Even More Powerful “Hellephant” Crate Engine, Introduces New “HurriCrate” Engine

In the midst of most automotive manufacturers focusing on the hot topic of discussion these days, the electric vehicle, Dodge is in its own world. In fact, Dodge seems to always have the back of the automotive enthusiast, keeping our best interests in mind. This is especially apparent with the manufacturer’s most recent offering as it has come out with a slew of performance engines available through the company’s Direct Connection platform that sends performance parts right to your door.

More specifically, Dodge is coming back with the Hellephant crate engine once again. For those who don’t quite remember, the offering was a supercharged V8 that made 1,000 hp. The engine combination that sold out incredibly quickly offered a reliable turnkey package that basically lets you drop a 1,000 hp monster under the hood of your project, all while maintaining the smooth reliability one would expect from a new car.

This time, the Hellephant will come in more than one combination. With the most powerful build, enthusiasts will have access to as much as 1,100 hp. The least potent combo is still good for 900 hp.

As far as choices go, the engine will be offered with a 376 ci cast iron block or 427 ci aluminum block combination. Buyers will also have the choice of using pump or flex fuel which, when combined with block choice, creates four different engine combinations to choose from. Each of them will be topped with a 3.0L supercharger.

In the same vein, Direct Connection is also offering a twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine that’s going to be called the “HurriCrate.” The HurriCrate has variations that are named after natural disasters as the trim levels come in Cat 1 and Cat 3.

The former offers a pair of turbos making 22 psi, a water-to-air intercooler, and 10.4 to 1 compression that results in a 420 hp concoction. Meanwhile, Cat 3 delivers a pair of Garrett turbos creating 26 psi alongside forged pistons and a combo that makes less compression at 9.5:1 but delivers us 550 hp.

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