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Unboxing and Tearing Down a Brand New 1000 HP Hellephant Crate Engine

Whether or not somebody is a massive fan of the Mopar camp, car enthusiasts have to admit that what they have been doing is nothing short of a game-changer for performance lovers. While much of the industry has been looking toward fuel efficiency, FCA decided that they would go in the opposite direction with a part of their lineup, cranking out some of the highest horsepower performance applications that the community has ever seen.

Obviously, we have machines like Dodge’s Hellcat and the Demon that absolutely ruled headlines. This time, we check in with an offering that perhaps flew a little bit under the radar, though, in the Hellephant. This combination is stacked to provide 1000 hp right out of the box, meaning it is basically a plug-and-play factory performance setup to really crank up the horsepower without all of the complications of extensive modification.

This time, the crew over at food Forza Tuning & Performance got their hands on a couple of these bad boys, and seeing what comes next is a real treat.

The awesome part about watching an unboxing video like this isn’t just a hardware unveiling. In addition, our host, Brenton Brown, has extensive knowledge of all things Mopar. Therefore, he’s able to tell us the ins and outs of engines like these not only as he unboxes them but also as he takes the time to strip one down and show us what’s inside.

Down in the video below, we get to check in with everything that one could possibly need to know about the Hellephant and more.

One of the cool parts about something like this is that one engine is actually going to go into a Demon. Who would’ve thought that the most powerful production car at the time of its release could be made even better? The other one is going to find its way into a Track hawk. Apparently, for any of these vehicles that have the Hellcat architecture, bolting in a Hellephant is actually not that big of an ordeal. Join in with Brenton down in the videos below to learn more. – www.forzatuned.com

INSANE Hellephant Unboxing – 1000HP OUT OF THE BOX