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Dodge Demon Takes on Supercharged Lamborghini in a Wild Drag Racing Display

When it comes right down to it, it can sometimes feel like American muscle has a little bit of a chip on its shoulder.

As technology becomes more and more advanced, we’re seeing cars perform like never before. One of the leaders in this realm is naturally one of the most popular cars in recent memory with the Dodge Demon.

Offering up 840 hp, the car definitely demands some serious respect as one of the most powerful production cars ever. It might come in at 5th on the all-time production car list behind cars that all have seven-figure price tags but it’s certainly the most powerful mass-produced car.

The machine was built as a drag racer that was also capable of seeing street use as well. To this day, we can’t help but be impressed that Dodge dug so deep into the enthusiast community to offer such a perfect straight-line street package.

However, we are still left to wonder how this car might stack up against some of the best that Europe has to offer. After all, with the monstrous price tags, engineering genius, and the name to back it all up, top-tier Lamborghini models really seem to pack a heavy punch, perhaps even beyond that of the Demon.

This time, we check out an Italian monster in the form of a supercharged Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Out of the box, the car is making serious power. However, when it’s cranked up with the help of the supercharger, things get even more intense as it’s pushed past the 800 hp mark.

This time, thanks to the crew at Hoonigan, we’re able to check out the ultimate American muscle machine as it takes on one of the most prominent examples of supercar power on the market today. As a gearhead, we can’t help but love comparing, well, just about everything. In this one, we get an awesome mix of features to consider. It’s America versus Europe, supercar versus muscle car, RWD vs AWD, and V8 versus V10.