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Dodge Has Dropped a Demon Powered Durango in Our Laps

Dodge gets it.

Finally, our pleas as high-performance enthusiasts are being answered by a major automaker. All that we as gearheads really want is to see everything go fast. It doesn’t seem like all that much of a complete overhaul, either. After all, these automakers can just slap their most potent powerplant in just about everything. Okay, we digress. We get that it isn’t that easy but on the other hand, we also look to see certain models with the option to go fast. This is why we were foaming at the mouth when we heard the Dodge was stepping their game up with the Durango.

Normally, the Dodge Durango is, well, pretty forgettable. Ever since the SUV rolled into the streets, it seemed to blend in with the rest of traffic. That’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world, though. We’re sure that it was a big part of what Dodge wanted. After all, the machine wasn’t developed to be the star of the show. It was rolled out as an economical option for families looking to tow around all sorts of cargo. While the SUV has gotten in touch with its more aggressive side over the years, even adding an SRT option, Dodge felt that there was a little bit more wiggle room to play with.

This is where we’re introduced to “Speed Trap.”

Long story short, in this variant of the Durango, we see the 797 hp powerplant from the Dodge Challenger Redeye. This is topped off with a slew of other modifications like a stainless catback exhaust, lower ride height, and upgraded Brembo brakes. Essentially, we have a well rounded Durango with Demon power under the hood.

Don’t get too excited yet, though. As of now, the vehicle is only a concept. It was made as a one-off to participate in the annual One Lap of America race earlier this month. With any sort of luck, we performance SUV fans will be sinking our teeth into this bad boy as a real production model before we know it.