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Does It Actually Work? Putting Ceramic Coating to the Test

For those looking to add a little bit of protection to the paint on their vehicle, ceramic coating is definitely a popular option. As our creator here insists, most people are aware of its existence. However, whether or not people believe that it’s worth the spend is another topic entirely. As popular as the coating is, it also comes with a pretty hefty price tag. There are some DIY kits available on the market, though, that could soften the financial blow but naturally, these also come with their fair share of questions of quality.

Luckily, there are a lot of raring and ready folks over on YouTube who want to break down these concepts to see what the truth is behind them. This time, we get to take a look at ceramic coating unlike any other. While some have done reviews on products like this, this particular video from Warped Perception takes it to another level entirely. Not only are they applying the ceramic coating to a vehicle but the paint is also put through quite the level of abuse.

After the fact, things get even more in-depth as the paint is then analyzed with the good old eye test. If that wasn’t enough, though, further testing takes a product coated with this ceramic coating, in particular, and puts it under the microscope. In theory, this sort of process is supposed to create a protective layer over the top of your pre-existing paint, flaws, and all. Once it’s put under the microscope, we should all be able to tell that there is a protective layer.

Whether or not that will be the case, we are going to leave up to Warped Perception to describe below. When push comes to shove, literally putting things under the microscope is really a good way to tell if the juice is worth the squeeze when it comes to this sort of investment.