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Dominator Rides Half Track Wheelie At Maple Grove

The No Prep Kings are making their way across the country, hitting stops at drag strips from coast to coast as filming for the show’s second season and beyond. The popular Street Outlaws spinoff has built quite an audience and is continues to draw fans as they criss-cross the nation for their events. Last weekend, the show rolled into Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, Pennsylvania, where one of the featured matchups was captured by National No Prep Racing Association’s camera in the stands.

These two cars and drivers should be very familiar if you watch Street Outlaws, or if you visit the site often. We’ve grown to be big fans of both Jeff Lutz and Joe Woods, who most know simply as Dominator. Both of these guys are down to earth racers who just love to compete and always have a good time while they’re doing what they love. However, when they line up alongside one another, that friendliness goes out the window and we see both of them transform into fierce competitors.

Both of these cars are powered by twin turbocharged big blocks, so they should be making relatively close to the same power, though Lutz may get the nod in the power production department based on his experience with boosted rides. They’re both on big tires, and both of these guys know how to make their combination work, so everything lines up for this to be a great side by side drag race.

Lutz and Dominator do not fail to deliver on that!

When the cars get the boost up and bump into the stage beams, the green light flashes and off they go. Lutz’s gorgeous 1957 Chevy pulls out to a bit of a lead, but Dominator’s Dodge Dart has the tires planted and the nose hiked up in the air in hot pursuit. Woods’ hotrod totes the wheels all the way to the 330’ cones that mark the halfway point of the track, but he’s just not quite able to reel in Lutz’ tri-five before the finish line.

Lutz took the win, but Dominator stole the show, causing the fans to erupt in applause with his halftrack wheelstand!