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Don’t Do This at Car Shows

I think we’re actually at the phase that comes after “blue in the face” when it comes to discussing what NOT to do when leaving car shows and meets. But, you guys keep catching these morons doing moron things, so we’ll keep sharing them, mainly because we love seeing the new and innovative ways these guys come up with to do dumb things.

While there are a couple of things in this video we’d have to caution against, the obvious one is the Hyundai – yes, out of all the badass exotics and insane sports cars, it just had to be the guy in the Hyundai – busting out a burnout at the red light after leaving the show moments earlier and actually turning around to pass by again. He lights up the tires in the middle of the street while sitting at a redlight, then pulled back into the parking lot where the meet had been held.

It looks like he’s about to have a face to face meeting with the cops, of which there are several in the area it seems, but he manages to avoid a citation only by pure luck. The rest of the cars do a pretty good job of keeping their egos in check and, while many of them do get on it, they keep the rear end behind the front end and keep all the wheels away from the curbs and crowds of onlookers.

And speaking of onlookers, I’m not really sure how I feel about the flood of spectators running to the middle of the road to video the cars leaving the meet. I understand fully the desire to catch the next big viral video of one of the many idiots we’ve seen leaving meets like this, but that’s an awfully small area to congregate on. However, the cops pass by several times and don’t say anything so legally it seems they’re in the clear.

All it would have taken was one Mustang to show up and they all could have been wiped out, though.