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What Happens When You Don’t Return a Lease?!

One of the most notorious institutions for being hungry for that bottom line is the automotive industry. Don’t believe us? One thorough investigation of the bill that comes with a vehicle purchase is enough to change just about anyone’s mind. Most of these places throw around enough fees to make just about anyone’s head spin. What are they all for? Well, we would probably have to do a substantial about of digging to find out. It gets so bad to the point where there are plenty of people who will go out of their way to make sure that they never have to deal with a dealership.

One would think that a dealership would have their mouths watering over a lease that didn’t get returned on time. The mountain of extra charges possible is just about endless. Will they actually lay into their customer, though?

If there’s one guy who we would be interested in seeing investigate this phenomenon, it’s Rob Ferretti. Rob seems to have a keen and level headed insight on the ins and outs of the auto industry. It also just so happens that maybe his schedule didn’t align with his lease agreement. However, no matter how knowledgable Rob is, that wouldn’t get him off the hook in a situation like this. It’s a spot that nobody wants to be in but sometimes these things happen, though.

In this one, Rob takes us along for the ride as he gives us the lowdown on his leasing situation. According to Ferretti, this particular lease dictated that the car had to be returned to a specific dealer. It just so happened that Rob was leaving the country and couldn’t get the car back. What would happen in the first part of this saga? Tune in to find out just that.