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Double Take: Truck With Two Front Ends Draws a Crowd Each Time Out

We’ve seen plenty of unique rides over the past few years, but this one has to rank way up there on the list of most unique, even among the crazy things we have come across.

While the owner goes over all the details in the video, I’m going to go ahead and run through the high points of this build, starting with what exactly it is. Built from two pickup cabs mated together back-to-back, this is a running, driving, street legal truck that appears to have two front ends and no rear. However, as you can imagine, for the truck to be legal, it has to have a “back side”, and the truck’s owner has done everything necessary to make sure he can operate the truck without being cited for anything illegal or improper.

The actual front end houses the engine, as you’d expect, while the rear end has had the engine bay converted into a massive trunk. The front features regular headlights with LED turn signals while the rear has been outfitted with LED school bus tail lights which work to keep the truck legal. The rear wheels are also non-steerable, meaning the truck drives just like any other truck, despite looking drastically different.

As you might imagine, a ride like this draws tons of attention every time it’s on the road, with onlookers gawking and scrambling to take photos of the truck. It also seems to have some anti-depressant tendencies, as then owner recounts a time when he had such a crappy Monday that it was ruining the following Tuesday until he noticed other people getting such joy from his ride that it brought a smile to his face that washed away the Monday blues.

Has anybody out there run across this thing in the wild? Did you stop and take photos, or did you just scratch you head as you stared in awe? Something tells us there’s a lot of both going on each time this thing hits the road.