Doug DeMuro Drools Over New 2021 Tahoe but is it REALLY That Good?

Ever since it’s inception, the Chevrolet Tahoe has been met with rather ...

Ever since it’s inception, the Chevrolet Tahoe has been met with rather widespread success. In fact, as we think back over the years, we can’t say that we remember an era where there was a particularly bad Tahoe. While the brand has gone through its fluctuations in quality and growing pains, the Tahoe has seemed to be a staple for Chevrolet over the decades.

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In fact, automotive reviewer, Doug DeMuro, even goes so far as saying that the Tahoe is the “Gold standard.” In fact, DeMuro argues that the Tahoe has always been the gold standard for the SUV segment. While it might not have always been the most luxurious or most expensive available, it certainly has set the standard for what other companies attempt to do with their SUV offerings.

These days, though, it seems like that gap between high-end SUVs and brands like Chevrolet is really closing. The quality and attention to detail that average automakers are able to offer really present a package that provides a lot of bang for your buck when comparing it to higher-end brands. As time goes on and manufacturing becomes even more efficient, we would tend to think that this gap would close even further.

This time, DeMuro takes us inside of the latest offering from the Tahoe model. In 2021, the model has received a complete overhaul. With that, we find new luxuries along with all of the latest technology in a package that seems to be the best yet. Sure, there are some subjective things that some could love or leave. I don’t think that everybody’s going to fall in love with the styling of a specific vehicle.

However, when it comes to things like features and build quality, this Tahoe seems to be the best offering to come to the plate yet.

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