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Drag Racing Legend Larry Dixon is Suing The NHRA

Over the years, there has been lots of controversy surrounding the NHRA. I think that’s hard to deny that, without this organizing body, much of racing as we know it wouldn’t be as big as it is. The group has certainly had a role in bolstering the sport to a level where it’s better for all racers. However, with great power comes great responsibility. With this responsibility, some decisions have been made along the road that might’ve left some scratching their heads. Nobody’s perfect but the NHRA has come up in discussion several times for things that seem a bit awry.

This time, the person holding allegations is drag racer, Larry Dixon. IBJ.com tells us that “Champion drag racer Larry Dixon of Avon has filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the National Hot Rod Association, alleging the California-based organization wrongfully suspended and blacklisted him in 2017”.

Long story short, Dixon had created a two-seater drag car that allowed paying fans the experience of going down the track. Later on in the IBJ article, we learn that “The complaint, filed April 11 in Indianapolis, alleges Dixon’s two-seater dragster was blacklisted from more than 140 NHRA-member racetracks, a snub he believes is aimed at giving other two-seaters the NHRA endorsed a competitive edge”.

To this day, Dixion claims that the blacklisting of the car from NHRA sanctioned tracks has crippled his one and only source of income. Since the suspension, he’s had to downsize a bit. He’s taken on the role of four people by himself as he continues to travel with the car.

Last year was the first year that Dixon made no money on the race track. This comes when Dixon’s career was reeling in quite the momentum. It was also during a time where drag racing has been coming back to the mainstream. The timing on this one couldn’t be worse.

The NHRA has yet to comment on the dispute.

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