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Drag Week Racer Goes 10s With a $75 Semi Truck Turbo

Drag Week Racer Goes 10s With a $75 Semi Truck Turbo

One of the most intriguing parts of building a hot rod is that there is no clear-cut way to do it right. Sure, there are probably some favorite combinations out there. After all, anyone who has been around a drag strip probably has noticed that something like a Fox Body is incredibly common. However, there are so many different ways to be able to put together a machine that dreams are made of. That 10-second pass doesn’t have to be in the tried and true. It can revolve around something new and creative.

This time, we take a look at yet another way to skin a cat. This Mercury Comet might not have started off as much of a drag machine. The in-line six-cylinder engine wouldn’t have propelled it to what anybody would consider being a quick pass at all. However, will a little bit of love, the car woke up big time.

Sure, the machine does feature an engine swap. With the heart of the big block Ford, this thing wakes up quite a bit. It’s definitely not to be ignored that there was probably a little bit of time and money invested in the engine. However, some of the other components with this machine were sourced quite resourcefully. It’s intriguing to learn how some of the important parts came together.

The car, for example, was acquired for $700. The ride originally would act as someone’s parts car for another project. When it simply didn’t get too much pulled from it, it would make the perfect start for another project. When things really began to get interesting is when we learn that the big block was combined with a semi-truck turbo. The pre-loved turbo was only $75! We just can’t help but admire watching combinations like this come together and work well.

By following along with the BigKleib34 video below, we get to see what all of the components add up to. When all was said and done, they create a car that’s not only quick but can also take on the treacherous journey of Drag Week 2019.