fb-pixel Drifting a Custom Pickup in the Appalachian Mountains
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Drifting a Custom Pickup in the Appalachian Mountains

If there’s one thing that we can’t help but love about the car community, it’s that every build serves as a sort of artist’s canvas for the person who put it together. Each car becomes a manifestation of creative expression, taking one idea and molding it into a distinct form that reflects the personality of its creator. You can really learn a lot about someone by taking a close look at the car that they’ve put together.

Professional drifter Ryan Tuerck embodies this spirit of creativity, showcasing a real knack for intense builds that captivate all who see them.

While one could opt for conventional choices when it comes to drifting, Tuerck consistently opts for the road less traveled. He has become famous for putting together unconventional car and engine combinations, creating shockwaves across the internet, and testing them with his drifting skills. One of his most memorable projects by installing a Ferrari V8 into the hood of a Toyota 86/Scion BRZ, challenging conventional beliefs about what people consider possible.

In his latest endeavor, Tuerck has chosen a 1966 Toyota Stout pickup truck as his canvas. The Stout, a model unfamiliar to many, becomes the backdrop for Tuerck’s latest shot at a creative masterpiece on wheels.

One of the aspects that really sets this build apart is the installation of a 3SGTE engine, previously found in cars like the Toyota MR2. With modification, this power plant now churns out an impressive 600 to 650 horsepower at the tires, turning the humble pickup truck into the ultimate drifting machine.

Beyond the sheer creativity and craftsmanship evident in this build, what truly stands out is the affirmation that you don’t necessarily need 1000 horsepower for an extraordinary experience. At around 650 horsepower, this truck not only holds its own but showcases the balance between power and performance.

Tuerck’s project really showcases the idea that the pursuit of automotive excellence lies not only in sheer numbers but in the artful combination of innovation and driving experience.

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