fb-pixel Pilot survives being sucked out of a plane for 20 minutes
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Pilot survives being sucked out of a plane for 20 minutes

While humans are the only species on planet Earth who partake in intentionally fabricating frightening scenarios, such as those portrayed in scary movies or haunted houses, real-life situations often eclipse these creations in terms of sheer terror.

As we scour the internet for content suitable for Speed Society, we frequently encounter various stories that can make one’s eyes pop in disbelief. Seriously, with enough time spent on the internet, you eventually conclude that you might never see it all. However, one particular tale stands out as perhaps the most terrifying situation we’ve ever come across.

This story takes us back to the year 1990, a throwback to a headline-making incident involving British Airways Flight 5390. During the flight, a cockpit window blew out, subjecting the crew to an incredibly horrifying experience.

The change in pressure caused the pilot to be partially sucked out of the airplane, left dangling in mid-air all of those tens of thousands of feet above the ground.

Fortunately, a quick-thinking flight attendant managed to hold onto the pilot, preventing the catastrophic situation from escalating even further. Even with this intervention, pilot Timothy Lancaster still had to endure the rest of the flight, hanging halfway out of the cockpit and helplessly banging along the side of the aircraft until it landed.

Remarkably, Lancaster displayed incredible resilience and survived the incident with only a fractured elbow and frostbite. The plane made an emergency landing amid its journey from England to Spain, bringing an end to this horrifying mid-air drama.

The account of one man enduring 300 mph winds at 25° below zero is a chilling real-life narrative that pushes the boundaries of belief. This gripping tale serves as a stark reminder that, despite our attempts to create fear for entertainment, reality can deliver situations that are truly beyond the realm of imagination.

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