Drifting with No Arms?! Ken Block Rides Along With Armless Driver Bartosz Ostałowski

Every once in awhile, along comes a person who can really make us feel foolish for ...

Every once in awhile, along comes a person who can really make us feel foolish for not making the most of the gifts that we have been given. Now, I’m sure that the gentleman by the name of Bartosz Ostałowski isn’t trying to show anyone up. However, when we see the man that lost both of his arms due to a motorcycle accident out there drifting without these seemingly essential appendages, it’s hard to not feel under accomplished. If this guy can do it with his feet, then what excuse could we possibly have?

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This time, we follow along with the man behind the wheel who is using nothing more than his feet to put on an absolute drift spectacle. Wielding an R34 Nissan Skyline, it looks like Bartosz can show up the vast majority of drifters out there, all while using one foot and a special set of controls to power the car and the other foot to maneuver the steering wheel. Carrying something out at this level would be a little bit much for most folks to be able to handle with full access to a pair of working arms. This is where the magic really happens.

By following along with the video below, we get to see exactly how all of the efforts pay off. It’s difficult to even picture how something like this would work. It had to take an incredible level of commitment to even think this one up logistically. When it all comes together, seeing is believing. In this particular instance, Ken Block just had to watch Bartosz for himself. While sitting shotgun, Block is taken on quite the wild ride, no hands necessary.

We’ve seen videos of the drifter floating around on the web and every time we see Ostałowski go to work, we can’t help but be more impressed.

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