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Motorweek Retro Review Sends Participants Drinking And Driving (Closed Course Test)

When seeing the way that car reviews are orchestrated these days, it can be fun to take a look back at the past. The way that journalism is conducted today has definitely borrowed some aspects from the past but there are other spots where it’s completely different. It’s fun to be able to draw some parallels between what folks were trying to do back then and how they try to grab headlines today. This time, we check out an interesting display that takes a stab at figuring out the phenomenon of drunk driving.

Now, obviously, the display from Motorweek in 1988, while pretty old at this point, still isn’t going to be doing any sort of drunk driving display on the highway. Instead, obviously, they have a closed course setup. They decided, at the time, to show the world what exactly a driver’s abilities look like after they have been skewed by alcohol. The before and after is something that might just blow one’s mind as they dig into see exactly what the effects of having too much to drink are when it comes to trying to operate a motor vehicle afterward.

Down below, we check out the test that throws different slalom turns, a garage area, and even an emergency lane change into one tight obstacle course. These are all things that someone might encounter on a regular drive. The pressure is on, though as this time, it’s all done while under the influence. On a closed course, testing might actually be an interesting challenge to take on with professionals present. However, driving drunk on public roadways is certainly not any kind of way to have fun or test limits. This display takes steps to show us just how important such a sentiment really is. These drivers had no idea what was coming!