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Driver Behind Wheel of SRT Charger Who Appeared to be Wasted Can’t be Charged After Plowing Several Cars

Driver Behind Wheel of SRT Charger Who Appeared to be Wasted Can't be Charged After Plowing Several Cars

Sometimes, things aren’t exactly as they seem. However, by the process of deductive reasoning, we can make a pretty good guess in a lot of instances.

For example, if we were to come to the scene of an accident where one car plowed in the three others and the driver stumbled out of the seat, barely able to walk, we would make a conclusion that this driver is probably a little bit intoxicated in one form or another.

We don’t mean to judge because there could be another explanation but this one isn’t playing well in the court of public opinion.

For the driver of this Dodge Charger, that was exactly the situation. At the end of the day, nobody was injured when the police showed up on the scene but it should’ve been a pretty straightforward process for them. I’m definitely not a professional in law enforcement. However, someone who looks like they just downed a 30 pack of their favorite beverage plows into a group of cars, the protocol is probably to at least administer a field sobriety test.

In this case, though, none of the above seemed to happen. As the video was captured on the scene, the driver of the Dodge can be seen barely able to hold himself up. However, the police decided to simply let the man walk away and we would take that wording lightly as he could barely put one foot in front of the other.

As the camera kept rolling, we watched as the individual slumped over, unable to maintain his balance as he attempts to cross the street following the situation.

When it all comes together, we learn that the driver will be completely unable to be charged. Sure, it definitely looks like an open and shut case when watching the footage. However, because a case has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, without the sobriety test, any decent lawyer would be able to argue that these circumstances could fall under a variety of different situations.

For all intents and purposes, while this does look really bad, there’s still a chance that an underlying and not so obvious circumstance could have caused all of this. We’ll leave the forensics up to you, though.

Maybe there’s a big piece of information that we’re missing here. However, from the looks of things, it looks like a massive dropping off the ball by LAPD. LAPD did come out and say that they will be conducting an internal investigation to figure out what exactly happened here.

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