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Driver Has Way More Boat Than They Do Tow Rig.

Driver Has a Lot More Boat Than They do Tow Rig

For those who are looking for some of the craziest videos on the Internet, the boat ramp collection might be a good bet. It seems like there are all sorts of different people who end up creating memorable moments there. Now, some of the moments might be memorable for all the wrong reasons. However, hopefully, when captured on video, everybody can look back on them and have a good laugh. We absolutely know that there are situations where people look back and wondering how they thought their decisions were a good idea.

We get the feeling that this is definitely going to be one of those situations. Normally, when launching a boat, drivers are going to want to have a very appropriate truck. This is not only to make sure the truck can pull the boat down the road. It’s also to make sure that said truck doesn’t end up in the water with the boat. Believe it or not, there are tons of videos of vehicles floating around on the web where they ended up, well, floating around. For one reason or another, there have been countless trucks that end up swimming.

This time, we’re looking straight in the eyes of someone who was about to become another sunken truck owner. When we feasted our eyes on this one, straight off the bat everything just looked wrong. With a small SUV like the BMW pictured here, we would be surprised if it were capable of pulling anything bigger than a small jet boat.

However, it looks like this owner got a little bit overzealous. Instead of a small load, they decided it would be a good idea to carry a massive vessel. It even has a flybridge! When attempting to back the boat into the water, the whole front end of the SUV shot into the air! From there, it would be a battle between the SUV and the boat to attempt to pull everything back up on land again.