Driver Escapes Sketchy Attempted Robbery On Dirt Road

This is some terrifying dash cam footage, guys! I’m going to tell you up front, if ...

This is some terrifying dash cam footage, guys! I’m going to tell you up front, if you can speak whatever language this is and there is swearing, we apologize. I can’t, so I have no idea what’s being said, though I can imagine there’s some colorful language given the situation that unfolds.

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Thanks to the dash cam that’s rolling in this car, we see the driver approaching what appears to be a disabled Volkswagen van on a dirt road. However, as we get closer to the van, it becomes painfully apparent that this is, in fact, a road block. Set in place by this pair of men intent on robbing passing motorists, the van is little more than a mobile wall the bring the passing cars to a stop. With no hesitation, the would-be thieves approach the car, one wielding a wooden baseball bat and the other unarmed, at least at first.

When the intended victim doesn’t immediately comply with the criminals’ demands, the second robber grabs what looks to be a 2×2 wooden plank and also pursues the car, which is now backing away from the van. With the bat guy menacingly walking in front of the car, the other guy heads around to the side of the car, seemingly to try to make entrance into the car. However, the driver is having none of that as he continues to back away.

Seeing perhaps his only opportunity to flee when the guy in front of the car steps to the side, the driver drops the transmission into drive and quickly accelerates back toward the van. Thankfully the only thing on the side of the road is the edge of a planted field, allowing the driver room to whip past the van without slowing. As he escapes the setup, he keeps the gas planted to make sure the car doesn’t get mired down in the mud on the road, which would have left them in a precarious situation just yards away from the robbers’ van.

Instead, the car powers through and the motorists are able to escape, thankfully.

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