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Drone Chases Racing Cars, Makes Real Life Feel More Like a Video Game

Over the past couple of years, the electronics industry has given rise to an interesting phenomenon in the drone, something that has definitely taken us a while to get used to but once you get it, you’ll be able to capture all sorts of different shots from new angles that never would’ve been possible before without investing your hard-earned money into some expensive equipment. Now, they haven’t even been out all that long but what people are managing to accomplish with these drones is nothing short of fun to watch as they put them through their paces, trying to push the envelope a little bit exactly on what they can go out there and capture.

With a display like this, we check out another cool little shot that your drone might be able to get as we head out to the race track to see exactly what it looks like from the air as a bunch of old cars run around the dirt surface and try to push their way around one another in what looks like a great time. When the drone in question here begins to chase the cars, It somewhat gives you an effect like you’re watching this real life situation unfold from the perspective of a video game, being able to get that view while behind the car and in the air. You all remember playing Need for Speed and watching the action like this.

If you follow along down in the video below, you get the chance to catch that unique dron angle that might really send your mind through a whirlwind. As people push the envelope and use technology to the best of their ability, we’re going to really see some cool things coming out in the next couple of years as folks figure out how to most effectively pilot their drones and the machines themselves get even better.