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Drug Lord is Locked Up, $4 Million Worth of His Hot Rods Are Auctioned Off

To be somebody who ends up building a massive wealth by selling drugs and then ends up getting caught and losing it all, it has to be a ride of massive highs, no pun intended, and massive lows. Imagine taking yourself from your current situation and placing yourself, instead, in a situation where you have pretty much unlimited money to spend on whatever it is that you want, more specifically, millions of dollars in all of your favorite cars. However, moments later, imagine losing all of those cars as they end up being seized from you and sent to auction after you get found out for the illegal activity that you’re taking part in.

This is the roller coaster of a emotion for those who involve themselves in the illegal activities that can get you jailed, more specifically, those who end up getting caught. In this story, we catch up with a drug dealer who ended up getting tied up as his past eventually caught up to him, a past that would lead him to be sentenced to 250 years in prison thanks to a whole plethora of charges. While serving time, he’s not necessarily going to need these automobiles anyway but it has to be quite the whirlwind as it’s all just swept out from underneath of him! From now on, he’s going to go from the lap of luxury to the bare minimum that’s needed to live, potentially for the rest of his natural life.

After seeing something like this, your jaw just might drop the floor and you could find a struggle to get it back up again. I guess that, at the end of all of this circus of a situation, eventually, somebody is going to be getting a rather good deal on a couple of high dollar exotic cars including a Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari Enzo amongst others. In such a situation, I’m sure that this individual who is purchasing these rides will surely be able to find a silver lining in the whole situation.