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Dubai Has an Insane Car Scene – Here’s What High School Parking Lots Are Like

If we take a stroll through the parking lots of high schools in America, there might not be any cars there right now. With all kinds of classes going online, this small facet of growing up might just change. It’s kind of disappointing as us car guys really strived in the parking lot before and after school.

However, before COVID America, these sorts of parking lots would house a lot of different and interesting vehicles.

They might not have been different or interesting for great reasons sometimes. Naturally, as high school kids, we would drive whatever we could get our hands-on. I know that I speak for more than myself when I say that sometimes, this might not result in the prettiest picture imaginable. While some kids got lucky and were helped out by mom and dad to a more expensive set of wheels, others made do with what we had. At times, this might even have been when we started to mod cars!

What does that same scene look like in a region where money is much more abundant?

Over in Dubai, “More money” is exactly the case. As one of the wealthier cities in the world, the land of excess offers up all of the luxuries and riches that one could ever want or need. Naturally, this is going to carry over to the high school parking lot as well. Let’s just say that, from what we can tell, it sounds like things are just a little bit more interesting in parking lots across the city than they are in most parts of America.

This time, we follow along with a couple of stories of high school rides brought to us by the VINWiki YouTube channel. One of our favorite anecdotes here features a dad who got tired of his kids arguing over shotgun so he bought several Rolls-Royces so they could all ride shotgun.

That’s not the full extent of the stories that you’re about to listen to but definitely sets the tone. Grab that popcorn because this is about to get good!