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Dubai Junkyard is Home to Some of the Most Amazing Destroyed Exotic Machines

Here in America, while junkyards certainly do serve a purpose and might be exciting to those of us who are weird enough to get all hyped up over some junk used cars (like myself), these yards don’t really present any sort of amazing finds most of the time. Most of the cars within are pretty average and might provide a low-cost alternative to buying new parts when somebody wants to go pluck off a piece or two. However, as it turns out, it wouldn’t appear as if junkyards are like that everywhere. In this one, we get to see just what a slice of life might look like in another part of the world, at least when it comes to their junk.

This time, the locale is none other than Dubai. As even those who are unfamiliar with car culture might have noticed, Dubai can tend to be the land of extravagance. it seems like there’s just so much money floating around that every last direction someone may look, there’s something amazing to be seen. This theory can really be doubled down on when it comes to the car culture found within the area. Therefore, it would then lead one to think that this concept would carry over to the junkyards in Dubai. In this case, that idea would be absolutely correct.

By following along with the video below, we get to tour at least one of the junkyards in the area and every last way that we look, there’s another car that would bring massive money here in the states, well, if it were in good shape, that is. It’s pretty incredible to see just how many cars that would bring top dollar when new are just sitting there, waiting for someone to come and collect bits and pieces off the remains.