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Dude Installed a Sunroof in His Hood, It Exploded When he Revved His Car

It seems as if, in the search for creative automotive modifications, some folks think up all sorts of wild ideas that might make others raise an eyebrow.

One example of an area where everybody is trying to do something creative is with their hood. All sorts of aftermarket options are available in this category and there are even some pretty cool and unique options from the factory. For example, old-school muscle machines might’ve come with something called a “shaker hood” that would allow part of the engine to stick through the hood.

This time, though, we turn toward an individual who might have drawn a little bit of inspiration from the likes of a sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The ZR1 of that time presented its engine via a window in the hood to allow the supercharger to be seen without even opening the hood at all.

In this particular situation, we check out a Chevrolet Caprice that takes this influence and throws a little bit of a twist into it. The individual this time has decided to take a sunroof and modify his hood so that the sunroof is over the engine.

While this doesn’t seem like a very efficient way to do something like this, we have to admit that we kind of dig the creativity and execution here. However, as it turns out, it doesn’t look as if a sunroof is quite fit to carry out such a duty.

In a video below, we watch as the car is revved up, at which point, the glass from the sunroof shatters into a ton of pieces. It’s unclear if something in the engine bay was knocking up against the glass or maybe if it just got too hot and shattered. Perhaps the hood flexing when the car moved is what did the glass in.

What we can say, though, is that it seems pretty safe to say that maybe enthusiasts should go ahead and mark the sunroof hood off of their to-do list if it was there in the first place.