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Dude Sets Brand New $93,000 Ram TRX on Fire After Beating the Life Out of It

This beast that we know as automotive YouTube is definitely evolving. What started off as tame car reviews to provide a little bit more information has definitely become a whole new animal. Well, at least that’s the case if we take a look at some of the more extreme YouTube channels on the automotive landscape. Let’s just say that it’s going to take some doing to keep yourself in the limelight these days.

On some channels, no car as safe as these channels that have a knack for destruction. We aren’t necessarily sure that we would’ve classified StreetSpeed717 in that category before. However, after his introduction to the latest and greatest from Ram, we might just change the description a little bit.

In the last couple of videos, the creator has introduced us to one of the latest acquisitions to his fleet. It’s none other than the most powerful pickup on the market in the Ram TRX. However, instead of treating this truck like most owners of a new truck would, our host, Mike, has taken things to the edge.

The mayhem started off with a bang quite literally. In a previous video, StreetSpeed717 would go viral for jumping the brand new truck insanely high off of a jump and doing a little bit of damage. Just when people thought that this would be the extent of the chaos, things only escalated more quickly.

This time, we tune in with another level of destruction that takes things to an entirely new high. After setting the truck on a massive set of tires and turning the brand new $93,000 pickup truck into a monster truck, it has been put to the test quite promptly. In no particular order, we watch the truck as it takes on mud, water, and even tries to crush a car.

When all is said and done, we would say that the Ram actually handled the abuse quite well. However, that still doesn’t stop the crew behind the video from setting it on fire. This might just drive Ram purists insane but for everybody else, this is one that we can’t help but really sink our teeth into.