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Dump Trailer Tips Over All Because of One Broken Hydraulic Line!

These days, folks are finding many ways through creative innovations to work smarter instead of working harder. A perfect example of that would be a hydraulic trailer like the one featured here that, at the flip of a switch, allows the surface to tilt backward, letting all of the contents spill out of the back instead of having to use manual labor to get everything unloaded.It seems like a really good idea and probably is about 99 out of 100 times but every once in a while, even when you think that you’re working smarter, you end up causing a lot more trouble for yourself.

This time, we join in on the situation that has the semi truck trying to unload with the hydraulic trailer going all the way up into the air and the rocks on board being dumped out of the back. Everything seems like it’s going by smoothly but with one wrong step, it appears as if the trailer begins to slightly tilt. This would be the beginning of the end as the trailer would gather together a little bit of momentum and keep on falling to the side, eventually causing the whole thing to roll over on and do some big-time damage.

The entire thing was captured on video and can be seen down in the clip down below. This all came from out of nowhere as the trailer was fully extended before tilting over and falling down. This one was painful to watch but nobody on the scene cuold do anything but look on as the trailer begin to fall slowly but surely as it made its way all to the ground with a deadening thud. You can see the extent of the incident down in the video below. Be sure to check it all out and tell us what you think of how this happened.