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Dump Truck Driver Comes in HOT, Drifts Massive Earth Mover on Slick Snow

Sometimes, when the boss isn’t watching, workers might take it upon themselves to have a little bit of fun. This time, we check in as this fun is hard with a piece of heavy equipment. These massive dump trucks cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but that didn’t stop the driver behind the wheel of this dump truck from having a little bit of a good time with the high dollar, heavy-duty machine.

In the scene that was filmed in Chesterfield, England, the driver behind this piece of heavy equipment was coming in hot! As he descended down the wet clay ramp, it appears as if he didn’t stop before getting to a landing. Before we know it, the operator swings the truck sideways, imitating something that we might see in Tokyo Drift except, well, just a little bit bigger.

At the end of the day, this is probably something that would make the owner of this machine have a couple of follicles of hair fall out due to stress. However, following the display, there was no harm and no foul. It looks like a little bit of clean fun with no consequences. I guess that it’s a true testament to the experience of the operator behind the controls of this bad boy.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in with a little bit of construction site fun. Perhaps, spending lots of time on a job site could end up being a little bit monotonous. I guess that this driver just decided that he wanted to mix things up a little bit and put on a show for the camera while he was at it.

You can’t tell us that you wouldn’t be impressed if your buddy showed you this video of the maneuver that he just pulled off.