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Dump truck driver crashes into highway sign at full speed

Distractions on the road run rampant and when you’re a truck driver, staying focused is key. Not only do you want to stay focused on the road, but it would be in your best interest to keep an eye on the load that you’re carrying as well. For this driver, the distractions would prove to be too much as his trip down the highway ended in a crash that he probably wants to forget all about as it would end up taking out an entire sign and probably halting traffic for quite some time. In addition, I would venture to think that the accident itself didn’t feel good and left a ton of damage on the truck in question here.

It wasn’t another motorist on the receiving end of this incident, but rather, the sign hanging above the highway. It looks like this guy was barreling down the road with his bed tilted up and he just kept on going as it was way too high to make its way under just about anything hanging over the highway. It does look like the people filming the whole thing made the world’s poorest effort at alerting the driver that he was in danger, but it really looks like they were more interested in getting a video than they were in telling this guy that he was in a situation that could be deadly.

Check out the video below that sheds a little bit of light on the carnage provided by the big rig as it plowed through the sign and tore it down right in the middle of traffic. You really have to feel for someone after they get into an accident like this, especially when it’s something like that, something that could have easily been controlled if more people were willing to step in and try to help.