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Man Brings a 400k Mile Mercedes E55 AMG to the Dealer… Here’s How Much They Want to Fix it.

It’s no secret that when you take the car to the dealership, in theory, they might charge you more than you’d like to spend and probably also more than what the market would ring for certain repairs. This is why you will find many people refusing to take their car into the dealership to get worked on and, in turn, they end up doing the work themselves or finding a mechanic that they trust. With stories like this, it really begs the question of if the dealership is really ripping you off that much more not. Is this something that actually happens or is it an inflated wives’ tale that seemed to gain traction and spiral out of control?

In this one, we get an inside look at what you would be charged to fix a Mercedes-Benz with 400,000 miles on it as the owner hands over his keys to the dealer and asks them to give him some insight on everything they think is wrong with the car along with what it will cost for them to fix it. When you hear about a situation like this, you’re really left to cringe at the thought of what he might hear back from the dealership when they go over the car with a fine tooth comb and pick out the different issues that they think it has.

Check out the video below as we get a little bit of insight on exactly what an old, high mileage Mercedes E55 AMG might need after it has lived a long life and exactly how much it might cost to fix these issues. After you see the video below, be sure to tell us what you think of the pricing that the dealership is charging to bring this thing back to life once again.


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