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Testing Out a $699 Budget Amazon Turbo Kit – Could it Work?

When browsing around the internet for car parts, you might have come across a turbo kit for your car that is incredibly inexpensive. Some of these budget turbo kits have come to be referred to as “eBay turbo kits.”

These seem like something that one most definitely couldn’t trust if they value their engine. However, as fate would have it, folks have worked up the courage to try the bottom dollar parts. As a result, well, we have even heard some success stories claiming that these super cheap kits are able to make some incredibly reliable power for what they are. Some even go so far as swearing by the results that these budget kits offer. How good could they really be, though?

This time, all the stories are set aside. HOT ROD gets to the task of finding out if these cheap turbo kits are really worth the money that’s required to obtain them. Furthermore, can they can be trusted to make power without blowing to pieces under boost? After all, there’s a lot more at stake than just the investment in the kit. If things manage to go really wrong, there are other parts that could end up suffering under the hood. After all of the time and money invested in your build, that’s something that nobody wants to be a part of.

Check out the experiment below that has an old 350 put to the task. Will it be a match for this super budget kit? This particular kit has been sourced from the holy grail of cheap things in Amazon. That free Prime delivery wouldn’t be too bad, either!

Would you ever trust a cheap turbo kit like this one on your engine? $699 is a bargain but you might have to end up paying big time in the long run.