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Watching the eCopo Hang a Wheelie is Awkwardly Quiet

Watching the eCopo Hang a Wheelie is Awkwardly Quiet

For the past couple of years, we have seen a strong emergence of electric vehicles on the market. At first, it seemed to just be a fad that would never catch on. However, with a heavy push by Tesla, it seems like electric is the hot new thing. In fact, other automakers are now throwing their hats in the ring when it comes to fully electric vehicles. We have even seen dabbling from the performance community in the thought of electric racing. It’s quite strange to get into but certainly seems to be a thought that has a lot of merit.

Perhaps the loudest electric racing competitor, figuratively speaking, of course, is that of the eCopo Chevrolet Camaro. When Chevrolet decided to drop an all-electric version of their drag racing icon, enthusiasts went crazy. After all, it was introducing something environmentally friendly and quiet to a group that’s used to lots of growling cubic inches. The change is basically a 180-degree turnaround. Long story short, “controversial” is a light way of putting what was going on. However, once getting over the lack of the grumble provided by the motor, the electric power source really provides some wild performance.

In this video, we dial into the action with an eCopo spotted at an NHRA event hanging the front tires. This isn’t necessarily a surprise, conceptually. After all, electric motors provide instant torque and a lot of it. With that in mind, it would be quite easy to see how the front end of an electric powered car would have trouble staying down with a hard launch. However, the scene of a car pulling a wheelie so violently like this without a sound is something that’s tough to wrap the mind around. Maybe electric silence will become the norm before long, though!