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Taking An Original $15 Million Mclaren F1 To 243 Miles Per Hour

Within the automotive performance community, there are certain cars that most of us just could never forget. These cars find their way to align the community as some of the most impressive to have ever had tire meet pavement. Among these cars, we find the original McLaren F1. Back in the mid 90s, the car found its way to the streets and posted performance metrics that really seemed to be ahead of their time. In fact, the car managed to find a way to clock it’s way past 200 mph. That’s quite crazy even by today’s standards!

However, what’s even crazier than how fast this machine is capable of going is the price tag attached to it. At auction, a good condition example of a McLaren F1 has been seen going for north of $15 million. Today, we might expect one to go for even more. Therefore, anytime that someone decides to take one of these things out of the showroom, it’s worth celebrating. We certainly get the argument that every sports car that’s meant to be driven should be used and abused. However, we could definitely see taking the side of caution when collecting an automobile like this. After all, one mistake or mechanical failure could it mean that a lot of money is being flushed down the drain.

In the video below, though, we check out the footage that has an original McLaren F1 rocketing to its top speed. It’s pretty crazy to watch as the car makes its way all the way to 243 mph. We’re not exactly sure when this footage was originally recorded so it’s hard to place a value on the car when it was making this test run. Regardless, though, it’s truly awe-inspiring to watch a naturally aspirated V12 make its to this kind of speed. This is truly a spectacle for the eyes and the ears alike.

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