Explaining How New Electric Ford Pickup Tows 1 Million LBS in Commercial

Good marketing might sometimes tiptoe the line between fantasy and reality. The ...

Good marketing might sometimes tiptoe the line between fantasy and reality. The people behind the effort want to make their product as appealing as possible. Sometimes, that might just mean using the good old smoke and mirror tactic to make believers.

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That’s exactly what it’s going to take in order to sell an electric pickup truck. Let’s just say that the truck buying demographic might not exactly line up with the EV demographic. In the market that’s based on toughness and work ethic, an electric-powered vehicle doesn’t seem to offer up enough of a brute. The facts might support an electric-powered truck being better. However, sometimes in sales, appearances are more important than reality. Therefore, the ball will be in the court of marketing teams to convince potential customers that the trucks can do the job.

What better way to accomplish that that to tow an unimaginable amount of weight?

Ford did just that as they pulled along 1 million pounds worth of train with their electric F-150 prototype.

With a commercial like one of the latest from Ford, our brains might initially be amazed. In the said commercial, Ford teases its new rig as it puts it to the test against a train. While pulling along a section of cars that are said to weigh over 1 million pounds, the audience is amazed. The truck couldn’t really be pulling that much weight, though. Could it? Well, yes and no.

While all claims made by Ford are true and the truck did yank along some heavy cargo, it might not be what it seems. You see, as explained by Engineering Explained, this one might be a little bit more of a magic trick than Ford led on. By following along in the video below, we get the complete rundown of how this display worked.

Let’s just say that rolling resistance might be a pretty big factor here.

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