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Elon Musk Launches Long Awaited Tesla Model X!

Elon Musk Launches Long Awaited Tesla Model X!

With the Tesla Model S, the automaker blew the world’s mind, not only in terms of fuel efficiency, but also overall performance as the car slated some impressive wins against high-performance opponents.

With the Model S being the only car in the lineup, it has now come time to step up the game plan just a bit and unleash the latest in the Tesla Model X!

This time, we catch up with Elon Musk himself as he takes us through the new and unique features that the latest addition has to offer. Perhaps our favorite among them is the falcon wing doors that open up like a bird in the back.

Check out the video below to dive into the next big thing in the lane of the automotive market. What do you think of the latest that Tesla is bringing to the plate?

Is the self-plugging charger below the FUTURE of robotics?



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